Training Practice

GP Training Practice

We are delighted to announce that in November 2021, we were awarded the position of being a GP Training Practice.

Dr John Hughes is the Clinical Supervisor for junior doctors in the Worcestershire Deanery.

We have Year 2 Foundation doctors working with us between November 2021 and August 2022.

We will then have our "first "Specialist Trainee GP registrar starting in August 2022.

Medical Students

Barn Close Surgery has been a teaching practice for medical students since 2008. Dr John Hughes and Dr Emma Billings are the tutors for final year medical students from the Medical School of Birmingham University.

It is a real privilege to have some responsibility for the training of the next generation of doctors, and patients too can do their bit in helping train tomorrow's doctors. 

We have students with us regularly throughout the year for a 5 week training block. If you have an appointment to see Dr Billings or Dr Hughes during that time, you may be asked if you would mind seeing our medical student. You would always see the GP as well.

We have an excellent reputation and are still in contact with some of our previous students. We get excellent feedback from the University and from our patients. Please help us to continue this important work.